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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Let’s Play TRIBUNALVIBE! Tell Us Your Native Name And It’s Meaning (Just For Fun)

Hi Guys,

How’s the week going with you down there? I hope its fine with us all, may it be well it us all.

Let us all just try and participate in this fun, and I can firmly say you’ll come across with some funny, sweet and weird native names.

Def! in one or the other we’ll all have a native name, since we can’t all say we don’t have a tribe, so if you have a tribe, you’ll have a native name.

So the play is like this, you’ll tell us your native name, the meaning and the tribe you belong to.


Mine is Adioh, Meaning:– Well, I don’t know it ooo!! And I doubt anybody knows it, Tribe:- Yoruba

So drop yours it help other people search their native name meaning on Google, and it redirect them to this post to get answers. So help a brother/sister today.

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